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Web Portal

Currently, we are working on Web Portal using PHP,PEAR and MySQL which have following functionality.

  • - Customer Login
  • - Administrator panel
  • - Online Order
  • - Customer can edit, update or cancel order
  • - Sales Managment System included
  • - Office automation
  • - News Letter Subscribe System

Now a days, Web Portal is necessary component of online business,By integrating web portal with your core business processes, Web applications are revolutionizing the way companies do business.Crawler IT Solution Provider is providing Internet-based business solutions that integrate new e-technologies and pre-existing legacy applications to create business value for my clients in London UK & Middle East.

We are using latest industry standards (PHP,MySQL,HTML,DHTML, COLD FUSION, XML, Ajax, JavaScript, JQuery) in web development to maintain highly scalable, more reliable and very flexible standard.